WHAT the Data?!

Alexey Grigorev (OLX Group) - Product-oriented data science (#9)

November 10, 2020 Michael Stiller and Alexey Grigorev Season 1 Episode 9
WHAT the Data?!
Alexey Grigorev (OLX Group) - Product-oriented data science (#9)
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In this episode, Michael and Alexey Grigorev talk about Product-oriented data science, How to start a data science project? How to make sure we're building the right thing? and more in a super interesting episode from the side of the data scientist and how he see things working.

Alexey thinks Data is important because it's the ultimate truth and he still eats chips for lunch.

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Gray area around data science
Sync data scientists
How you decide what is data science project?
How to use a data scientist?
How to win against recommendation engine?
What the organization care about?
How can become a specialist
Always ask WHY
Code or math what is more important?
How to evaluate the level of data scientist?
How did you decided to be a data scientist?
It's a wrap thanks Alexey!