WHAT the Data?!

Marcello La Rocca - Why algorithms are important? (Tundra) (#16)

March 04, 2021 Michael Stiller and Marcello La Rocca Season 2 Episode 4
WHAT the Data?!
Marcello La Rocca - Why algorithms are important? (Tundra) (#16)
Show Notes

Marcello Is a senior software engineer at Tundra.com, Author of "Algorithms and Data Structures in Action", His work and interests focus on graphs, optimization algorithms, genetic algorithms, machine learning, and quantum computing.
What have talked with him about:

  • Why do you go by "Software Engineer" instead of something with more buzzwords?
  • How to have better cooperation between business, engineering, and analytics?
  • What is the difference between a model and an algorithm? How are they related? Which job profiles are connected to them?
  • Will the areas of data science, analytics, and engineering converge in the future or become even more specialized?

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You can refer to this link: http://mng.bz/V8Dr

Marcello was also kind to share a free book for a lucky listener. Here is one free eBook code good for a copy of Advanced Algorithms and Data Structures for a lucky listener
You can find him here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/marcellolarocca/


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